Completed PhD Theses, MA Theses, and MA Major Research Papers

PhD Theses

Jing Xia, “Shaping Selves in the Diaspora: Contemporary Chinese Instrumental Musicians and Transnational/Intercultural Music-Making in North America” (2022)

Jacob Danson Faraday, "Buried in the Mix: Touring Sound Technicians, Sonic Control, and Emotional Labour on Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo" (2021)

Mathias Kom, “Cosmopolitan Intimacy: Antifolk in Berlin and New York” (2018)

Rebecca Draisey-Collishaw, “Curating Canadianess: Public Service Broadcasting, Fusion Programming, and Hierarchies of Difference” (2017)

Mark Finch, “Bluegrass In and Around Toronto: Urban Scenes, Regional Imaginaries, and Divergent Trajectories” (2016)

Leila Qashu, “Towards an Understanding of Justice, Belief and Women's Rights: Ateetee, an Arsi Oromo Women's Musical Dispute Resolution Process in Ethiopia” (2016)

Mary Piercey-Lewis, “Inulariuyunga: Imngirnik Quvigiyaqaqtunga! I'm a Real Inuk; I Love to Sing! Interactions Between Music, Inummariit and Belief in an Inuit Community Since Resettlement” (2015)

Ian Hayes, “‘It’s a balancing act. That's the secret to making this music fit in today’: Negotiation Professional and Vernacular Boundaries in Cape Breton Fiddling” (2014)

Marion MacLeod, “Raising the Bar: The Reciprocal Roles and Deviant distinctions of Music and Alcohol in Acadiana” (2013)

Evelyn Osborne, “The Most (Imagined) Irish Place in the World? The Interaction Between Irish and Newfoundland Musicians, Media and the Musical Construction of Place” (2013)

Judith Klassen, “Encoding Song: Faithful Defiance in Mexican Mennonite Music Making” (2008)

Janice Esther Tulk, “Our Strength is Ourselves: Identity, Status, and Cultural Revitalization Among the Mi’kmaq in Newfoundland” (2008)

Master of Arts – Theses 

Rachel Landy, “Hip Hop for Health Promotion: An Exploratory Descriptive Study of Hip Hop-Based HIV/AIDS Education” (2011)

Samantha Fletcher, “Good Works with Benefits: Using Applied Ethnomusicology and Participatory Action Research in Benefit Concert Production at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver” (2008)

Kathleen Wiens, “Music and Politics in the Croatian-Canadian Community” (2008)

Master of Arts – Major Research Papers

Joanna Simoens, Dans cette maison, on parle français”: Performing Franco-Manitoban Pluralism at Winnipeg’s Festival du Voyageur (2023)

Humberto Piccoli, “Alliance-Making through International Musicians’ Stage Talk at Multicultural Events in St. John’s, NL” (2023)

Tia Julien, “The Power of the Spoken Word: Performing Community in the Toronto Poetry Slam” (2022)

Sarah van den Berg, “Bringing the Bar Online and Le Cadavre Exquis: Pandemic-era musicking at the Westben Centre for Connection and Creativity” (2022)

Ryan Ritter-Jones, “Reflections on Dance and Violence: Mosh Pit Culture in Denver, Colorado” (2021)

Mariana Castro-Carvajal, “One for all, and all for one: The Performance of Belonging in Catholic Cholula” (2021)

Eric Taylor Gomes-Escudero, “Livestreaming Tradition: Brazilian Fandango Caiçara and Music Sustainability in the Time of Covid-19” (2021)

Gale Franklin, “The Listening Habitus of Syrian Refugees in Canada: Tactical Listening amid Conflict, Displacement and Resettlement.” (2020)

Christian Dauble, “Dancing Statues: Techniques of Embodied Practice for Strathspey Performance in Competitive Scottish Highland Bagpiping” (2019)

Ellen McCutcheon, “Reflections on an Arts NGO in Tanzania” (2019)

Jane Dennison, “Let's Dance! Strategies for Sustainability of Set Dance in Newfoundland and Labrador” (2019)

Michelle Robertson, “Hey Rosetta!: An Exploration of Place and Identity in Newfoundland Popular Music” (2018)

Aubrey Maks, “Shifting Reconciliation Dialogue? Maoritanga, Biculturalism, and Multiculturalism at Aotearoa-New Zealand Music Festivals and the Treaty of Waitangi” (2017)

Vanessa Shalton, “Tiens-Toé Ben (Hold On): Swing and Franco-Ontarian Identity” (2017)

Hadi Milanloo, “Coming from Far Away: Women and Listening Practices in the Iranian Community in St. John’s” (2016)

Daniel Hawkins, “Becoming Part of the Shared Tune: Participation and Disarray at Maine Fiddle Camp” (2016)

Toshio Oki, “Creating a Scene: Innovation and the Relocation of Authenticity among Japanese Performers of Irish Traditional Music in Tokyo” (2015)

Melody McKiver, “A Tribe Called Red: Creating a Place for Decolonization” (2014)

Amanda Ironside, “Sandy MacIntyre and the Cape Breton Sessions” (2014)

Krista Vincent, “'Talking About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture': New Listeners and Contemporary Classical Music Reception” (2014)

Mehrenegar Rostami, “Approaches to Improvisation and Intercultural Musical Encounter in Silent City” (2014)

Emeline Reynolds, “‘How Can I Keep From Singing?’: Interactions of Faith, Practice, and History in the Music of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in New England” (2013)

Jasmine McMorran, “Cape Breton Piano: The Progression and Passing on of Innovation and Tradition” (2013)

David Lander, “The Production of the Reykjavik Music Scene Through the Iceland Airwaves Festival” (2012)

Kathryn (Meghan) Bowen, “Innovation and Continuity: The Application of Liturgical Inculturation in Two Churches in St. John’s, Newfoundland” (2012)

Victor Tung, “Revitalized and Contextualized Music among Aboriginal Taiwanese: A Study of Christian Siraya in Jioucengling Village” (2012)

Tiffany Pollack, “Musical Routes Creating Community Roots” (2010)

Alison Corbett, “‘My first instrument is my computer’: The Role of Web 2.0 in the Life of Canadian Musician Ian Foster” (2010) 

Marc Finch, “Performance and the Experience of Authenticity: An Ethnography of Two Bluegrass Nights in Toronto” (2010)

Michelle Swab, “On Collaboration: Embodied Intersubjectivity and Singer-Pianist Relationships” (2010)

Patrick Brennan, “Art Rock: Nationalism, Cultural Distinctiveness, and Reflections of the Group of Seven in Canadian Popular Music” (2009)

Evelyne Lavoie, “Concept, Context and Collaboration in R. Murray Schafer’s Patria 7: Asterion” (2009)

Jordan Mitchell, “Lyrical muse-ings: an Inter-Individual Analysis of Lyrics, Lyricists and Music within a Small Community in St. John’s, Newfoundland” (2009)

Erin Sharpe, “Music and Identity Construction Among Mi’kmaq in Bay St. George, Newfoundland” (2009)

Jeremy Strachan, “Nationalism, the Centennial and Canadian Classical Music: Three Case Studies of Composers Using Indigenous Cultural Texts” (2009)

Heather Wright, “Taking Up (Men’s) Space: Female Musicians’ Experience and Identity-Construction in the Traditionally Male-Dominated World of Highland Piping” (2009)

Ainslie Durnin, “(Un)expected Sounds: Cross-Cultural Listeners’ Perceptions of Contemporary Sami Music” (2008)

Kelly Best, “A Performance Ethnography of the 2005 Beaches Accordion Festival, Eastport, Newfoundland” (2006)