Ethnomusicology Faculty

Core Faculty


Harris M. Berger – Theoretical foundations of ethnomusicology and folklore studies, phenomenological approaches to expressive culture, applied ethnomusicology, popular music studies, heavy metal music

Holly Everett – issues of power and ideology in belief, music, and material culture, particularly in the contexts of occupational folklife and cultural tourism.

Meghan Forsyth – Acadian music and dance, applied ethnomusicology, diaspora studies, cultural tourism, Atlantic Canada, British Isles.

Kati Szego – choral music/the voice, Hawai’i, diaspora, race, gender.

Cory Thorne – queer and vernacular theory, Cuba, underground economies, popular culture/music, critical regionalism.

Affiliated Faculty

Beverley Diamond (Professor Emerita) – Indigenous music, gender, mediation

Tom Gordon (Professor Emeritus) – Moravian music, Nunatsiavut

Jane Gosine – music therapy, community music

Ian Sutherland – sociology of music, leadership

Jeffrey van den Scott – Inuit music, Canada, contemporary music