It’s Time for Another One

It’s Time for Another One: Folk Songs from the South Coast of Newfoundland—Ramea and Grole (2005) features:

• 1960s recordings of folk songs in the British tradition, as well as locally composed songs, collected from the South Coast island communities of Ramea and Grole
• singers Robert Childs, 11-year-old Chloe Kendall, Joseph Jackman, and veteran performer Gordon Kendall; song-maker Robert Langdon; accordion tunes by Wilfred Childs
• modern arrangements of 3 songs by Pamela Morgan, Jim Payne, and Glen Collins
• 60-page accompanying booklet rich with local historical information, photos, song texts, and an essay concerning the new arrangements, providing a basis for discussion about tradition and modernity in Newfoundland
• short spoken commentary by collector Jesse Fudge

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It's Time for Another OneSample Tracks

 The First of October
Robert Langdon

 The Penny Fair in the Cove
Chloe Kendall

 Sal Stopped Up to Iron Some Clothes
Pamela Morgan, arranger; performed by Robert Childs, Pamela Morgan, and Graham Wells

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Praise for It’s Time for Another One

“This is a great resource for scholars, teachers and students who want to understand the singing and music traditions of the south coast of Newfoundland.”
“The field recordings are superb: unaccompanied kitchen and sitting room performances of material that consists mostly of that glory of the Newfoundland singing tradition, locally composed songs about contemporary events.”
Journal of American Folklore

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