Pillorikput Inuit: Inuktitut Arias for All Seasons

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• 16 tracks of solo arias and duets with instrumental accompaniment drawn from the sacred music repertoire of the Moravian Inuit of Northern Labrador

• Performances by Inuit singers Deantha Edmunds and Karrie Obed with support from the Innismara Vocal Ensemble, as well as string quartet and organ accompaniment

• All music reconstructed from manuscripts held in the Moravian churches of coastal Labrador, representing an Inuit performance practice that dates back over 200 years

• Arias, duets, and choruses celebrate key events in the liturgical year, including Christmas, Passiontide, and Easter, as well as community celebrations like Married People’s Day and Church Festival Day

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Sample tracks:

    Ahâk Ahâk upkuerrutjilaukpunga (Reissiger) 3’40” - Deantha Edmunds & Chorus
    Kânnorle KanoK¸ pivianadlarput (LaTrobe) 4’50” - Karrie Obed & Deantha Edmunds