Current Research Projects

MMaP is involved in a variety of projects that document and interpret individual music cultures and examine fundamental theoretical issues in ethnomusicology, folklore, and allied fields. This is a partial list of projects that the Centre is currently developing.

Music Research Annual. (General Editors: Dr. Harris M. Berger and Dr. Jocelyne Guilbault.) The first peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing review essays from the full range of academic disciplines that study music.

The Oxford Handbook of the Phenomenology of Music Cultures, edited by Harris M. Berger, Friedlind Riedel, and David VanderHamm.

Folk Songs of Atlantic Canada from the Collections of MacEdward Leach. (Executive Producer: Dr. Harris M. Berger. Producers: Dr. Meghan Forsyth and Dr. Joy Fraser.)

Voices of Placentia BayA Digital Archive of Music and Narrative. (Producer: Dr. Meghan Forsyth.) A partnership between MMaP, the Town of Placentia Bay, and the Placentia Area Historical Society.

Neighbours: St. John’s eBook. (Editors: Dr. Meghan Forsyth and Dr. Beverley Diamond.) A study of the diverse cultural communities of St. John’s, NL.

Minnie White, The First Lady of the Accordion. (Producer: Jim Payne.) A book of tunes composed and played by accordionist Minnie White of St. Alban’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. A coproduction of MMaP and SingSong Inc.