Jeffrey van den Scott

Research Interests

Contemporary Inuit Communities; Music History and Culture; Urban Inuit; Nunavut; Nunatsiavut; Canadian North; Member of Peer Advisory Group on Indigenous Research Relationships (PAIRR); Adjunct Faculty in School of Music

Current Research

My research project which examines the intersection of composed Canadian music and the culture of the nation's Inuit population. This study reveals the importance of the North in Canadian musical culture alongside a complex relationship between Inuit and Euro-Canadian populations, each of which expresses the desire to know the other.
Most recently, "Inuk in the City: Musical Identity-Work Among Nunatsiavut's Urban Inuit" examines the lives and meaning of music for Inuit living in city spaces, particularly in light of how Inuit identity is so often tied to "the land."' This research began as a postdoctoral fellowship with the Tradition + Transition Research Partnership, sponsored by Memorial and the Nunatsiavut Government (


My teaching at Memorial focuses on Indigenous History and Indigenous Studies. I approach content having worked with Indigenous communities in Nunavut, Nunatsiavut, and Mi’kma’ki over the past 20 years.