MA Courses and Thesis Route

The Courses and Thesis Route to the M.A. degree in Folklore involves eight courses at the graduate level plus a thesis. (In some cases more courses may be assigned but this is rare.) The programme takes two full years to complete, though some students choose to take longer. The first semester includes basic courses and a three-week Graduate Field School.

Every student enrolled in the thesis route must submit a Thesis Topic and Methodology Statement before February 15 of their second semester. It is the student's responsibility to connect with a willing thesis supervisor in the department before submitting their Topic Statement.

Students whose research involves human beings will complete the appropriate applications and paperwork with the MUN Interdisciplinary Committee on Ethics in Human Research (ICEHR). Applications must be made to ICEHR immediately after approval of the Topic Statement in order to receive clearance for field work to take place the summer between the student's first and second years of study. This is the time when students complete their field work.

In the Fall semester of the student's second year, students write and submit the MA Thesis Proposal. Two weeks after submission, students give an oral presentation on their proposal to the department. Approval of the proposal allows the student to write the thesis. When writing the proposal, students should reference both the These and reports guidelines as outlined by the School of Graduate Studies and best practices within the Department of Folklore.

A completed thesis is evaluated by examining readers, who send their reports to the Dean. Students will receive feedback which may include required revisions. Revisions must be completed before students can graduate.

Graduation occurs twice a year at the University Convocations, in May and October.