Major in Folklore

In order to complete a B.A. with a Major in Folklore, students must meet requirements listed under Program Regulations - General and Honours Degrees. Students must also complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of Folklore courses as detailed below.

1000 Introduction to Folklore
2100 Folklore Research Methods
2300 Newfoundland and Labrador Folklore
2401 Folklife Studies
2500 Oral Literature From Around the World
4470 Spaces and Places

3100 Fictional Worlds: The Folktale
3200 Music, Song and Tradition
3250 Song Worlds: The Ballad
3300 Vernacular Drama
3450 Language and Play
3612 Urban Legend and the Media
3618 History of Jazz (also in Group C)

3001 Art, Architecture and Medieval Life
3350 Folklore of the Body (also in Group C)
3606 Supernatural Folklore
3650 Artifacts of Colonial America
3820 Folk Custom
3830 Foodways
3850 Material Culture
3860 Vernacular Architecture
4460 Folk Religion

No more than 3 credit hours from courses at the 1000 level

1060 Folklore and Culture
2230 Newfoundland Society and Culture
2700 Ethnography of the University
2800 Folklore and Tourism: Foodways, Music, and Ritual
3350 Folklore of the Body (also in Group B)
3360 Sex/Folklore/Power and Globalization
3460 Folklore and Literature
3618 History of Jazz (also in Group A)
3910 Traditions of Work
3920 Folklore, Education and Community
3930 Folklore and Popular Culture
3950 Gender and Traditional Culture
4015 Cultural Resource Management
4310 Studies in Newfoundland and Labrador Folklore
4440 Music and Culture
4480 Oral History
4810 Documents Management

Students who wish to declare a Major in Folklore should first complete Folklore 1000; it is recommended that students intending to major in Folklore take Folklore 2100 as early in their programs as possible.

Find detailed course descriptions in the University Calendar.

If you have questions about undergraduate programs in Folklore, contact Undergraduate Studies Administrator, Dr. Daniel Peretti