MA Thesis Proposal


The MA Thesis Proposal is normally submitted and presented no later than the end of the fourth semester of the program. The thesis proposal is primarily a formulation and update of the initial research topic statement and should be based on the materials acquired during the initial four-month period of research.

The text of the thesis proposal, not including bibliography and appendix, should be six to ten double-spaced pages long. The following components, where applicable, should be included:

  1. The title page should contain your name, the date of submission, the title of the thesis, the degree sought (MA), and the name and signature of the intended supervisor.
  2. A full description of the topic under investigation together with an outline of the argument of the thesis
  3. Theoretical approaches and research methods to be employed.
  4. Significance in relation to existing research and literature (cf. g below).
  5. Schedule of work completed, planned work, and timetable for submission.
  6. A list of chapters, along with some indication of their contents.
  7. A selected bibliography.
  8. Questionnaires and other research instruments (attach copies in Appendix).

Model copies of the thesis proposal may be consulted in the Department office.

Minor changes of emphasis and location are, of course, to be expected as research progresses. Consult your thesis supervisor about any important changes in the direction of your thesis research.

Note: a major change in your topic, or in the location of fieldwork or other research, will necessitate that the entire approval procedure be repeated. This cannot take place during the summer due to faculty absences. An example of a major change would be for a study to be undertaken in another province than that for which the proposal had originally been approved.

The thesis proposal shall normally be submitted to the Department and orally presented before members of the faculty by the end of the student’s fourth semester. The written proposal should be made available to faculty members at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date of a student’s oral presentation of the proposal. Following approval of the thesis proposal and consultation with the candidate, the Supervisor and thesis topic will be recommended to the School of Graduate Studies.