Miscellaneous Fees and Charges 2021/22

  1. Campus Renewal Fee

    • Undergraduate Students:Unless otherwise specified, campus renewal fees are charged according to the credit hour value associated with the registered course(s). Courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise indicated.
      • Fee per credit hour: $16.67 to a maximum of $250 per semester, including courses in diploma and certificate programs

    • Graduate Students: $167 per semester 
    • Medical Residents completing 6 month enhanced skills program:  $250 per 6-month program

  2. Student Services Fee: $50 per semester; $75 per 6 month enhanced skills program for Medical Residents

  3. Recreation Fee (The Works): Students must pay a recreation fee which will be adjusted according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on September 1 of each year. 

    • St. John's Campus and Fisheries and Marine Institute fee: $62.98 per semester or $31.49 per session

    • Medical Residents completing 6 month enhanced skills program:  $94.47

  4. Student Parking Fees: Students may purchase permits on a semester basis:  $24.22 (plus tax) per semester, $12.11 (plus tax) evenings and weekends only.

  5. Registrar's Office Service Fees:

    • Official Transcript:  $10 per transcript

    • Replacement Parchment: $60

    • Certified Copy of Parchment: $10

    • Verification of credential/attendance:  $15

    • Confirmation of Enrolment letter (requested online): $10

    • Confirmation of Enrolment letter (requested in-person):  $15
    • Additional Confirmation of Enrolment letter (requested at same time as initial letter):  $2 per additional letter

    • Completion of Forms (excludes Student Loan or Pension forms):  $15 per form

    • Letter of Permission for Students Studying at Other Universities:  $30 per institution, per semester

  6. Books and Supplies: 

    Students should be prepared to meet an expenditure to cover the cost of textbooks and supplies each semester. Students should consult their professors before purchasing any new or used textbooks or laboratory manuals

  7. Damages or destruction to university property: Unwarranted damages or destruction to university property will be charged to the responsible party or parties, and are payable when assessed

  8. Undergraduate Student Refugee Program (SRP): $2 Fee, per semester, for both full-time and part-time undergraduate students.