General Information and Procedures for Tuition Refund Appeals

  1. A tuition refund appeal must be filed no later than one month after the official release of grades for the semester of the dropped course(s) or for Medical Students, no later than one month after the Dean's approval of the Medical Student's request to withdraw from a Phase.

  2. Any tuition refund appeal should be made in writing, by the student, clearly stating the basis for the appeal and should be directed to the Committee Coordinator by email to or by mail to:

    Committee Coordinator
    Tuition Refund Appeals Committee
    c/o The Cashier’s Office
    Memorial University of Newfoundland
    St. John’s, NL
    A1C 5S7

  3. Successfully dropping a course or withdrawing from a Phase academically does not guarantee that a tuition refund appeal will be successful. Academic difficulty in a course or Phase and/or missing a published refund deadline is not sufficient grounds for an appeal.

  4. For assistance in the tuition refund appeals process, students are advised to consult with the Committee Coordinator.

  5. In preparing an appeal a student may consult advisors or facilitators. Such advisors or facilitators may include a faculty advisor, staff advisor, a counselor, a representative from the Memorial University of Newfoundland Students’ Union (MUNSU) or other individual who is willing to undertake the role of student advisor or facilitator.

  6. The Tuition Refund Appeals Committee may decide to deny or uphold an appeal.  If it upholds an appeal, the Committee may prorate the tuition refund depending upon the student's length of participation in the course(s) or Phase and other factors.

  7. The decision of the Tuition Refund Appeals Committee is final.