Biology Help Center

Biology’s Help Center is located in the Cater Andrew’s room (CSF 2342), with some sessions being held in CSF 2218 (computer lab across the Whale atrium from CSF 2342).

For help with all lecture and laboratory material:

The Biology Help Center will be staffed by a Senior Undergraduate on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 AM – 1 PM. Any student in a first or second year Biology course is welcome to drop by for some one-on-one or small group peer support for all lecture and laboratory material, including the R assignments. 

For help with R assignments:

In response to an increasing demand for quantitative skills in the Biological Sciences, our faculty and staff have incorporated more quantitative training elements in our courses and labs. We aim to support students learning skills in coding, data science, modelling, and statistics. To that end, we have TAs available to help any biology student with quantitative material and coding using R.

Biology 1001 & 1002

Our first year 'R' TAs will be leading sessions alternating with lab sessions throughout the semester. Sessions will take place in Core Science Facility (CSF) 2342 or CSF 2218 (Friday afternoons) during the same time slot as your laboratory session.

Other Courses using R

Students taking other Biology courses requiring work in R can also utilize the Help center when the TAs are available.