Splachnaceae research in Newfoundland

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S. ampullaceum with mature sporophyes growing on moose droppings in eastern Newfoundland.

This past summer populations of Splachnaceae were located in eastern Newfoundland. S. ampullaceumwas very abundant growing on moose droppings.Populations of S. pensylvanicum were also identified. S. pensylvanicumwas found growing on the same droppings as S. ampullaceum.

A population of S. ampullaceum with mature sporophytes covered with green cheese cloth. This treatment presented flies with odour cues but no visual cues.

A population of S. ampullaceum gametophyte with 'models' of S. ampullaceum sporophytes. This treatement presented flies with visual cues but not sporophyte odour cues.

A fly trap over an 'odour only' treatment

Experiments were initiated in which flies were trapped on populations of S. ampullaceumwith mature sporophtes(odour and visual cues), with mature sporophytes covered by green cheese cloth (odour cues only) and on 'models' adjacent to gametophyte (visual cues and gametophyte odour).

The peatland in eastern Newfoundland where flies were trapped on S. ampullaceum

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