Splachnaceae research in Chile

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NIH-BRIN Alaska Newfoundland

Tetraplodon fuegianum

Field work inChile was funded by a travel grant from the National Geographic Society. Rob Raguso, Bernard Goffinet and myself worked with twograduate students at the University of Magellanes in Punta Arenas, Chile to do fly trapping onTayloria mirabilis and Tayloria dubyi. Odour chemistry from Tetraplodon fuegianum, Tayloria mirabilis and Tayloria dubyi was analyzed by Rob at the Universty ofSantiago.

Fly attracted to Tayloria mirabilis. Tayloria mirabilis wasoften found growing oncattle droppings.

Tayloria dubyi was found growing on the droppings of geese on the tops of hummocks within peatlands.

Setting out fly traps over Tayloria mirabilis

Pinning flies trapped on Tayloria mirabilis with two graduate students from the University of Magellanes, Chile.

Bernard, Rob and me in Puerto Williams on Isla Navarino.


Joceyln, Rinaand Anna Maria on a summit over Puerto Williams on Navarino

One of the peatlands we searched for Tayloria dubyi on Navarino


View across the Beagle Channel looking towards Argentina.