Program FAQs



What programs can I take?

The department offers TWO different undergraduate Major programs, TWO Honours programs, and a minor program.


Can I do a joint major in biochemistry and something else?

No, and yes. There are no official joint majors programs between biochemistry and another subject discipline. However, if you complete the requirements of a second major, you may ask the Registrar to include a note on your official transcript to that effect.


What electives should I take?

This is almost impossible to answer.


Electives are your opportunity to broaden your own University education in ways that interest you. You may wish to take electives that would allow you to complete a minor. This is easier for some subjects than for others. You may wish to take courses in an area that is completely new to you. You may wish to develop your language skills. Or you may wish to take closely related science courses to increase the breadth and depth of your knowledge.


Ask yourself: what else do I want to learn in University? Then plan out your electives accordingly.


Can I take Chemistry 2400/2401 in the Nutrition program?



I didn't do Physics in 1st year - can I still do Biochemistry?

Yes, but you must complete your physics courses in 2nd year. A second physics course is a co-requisite for Biochemistry 2201 Introduction to Biochemistry. As long as you do this in the winter semester of your second year, you should not fall behind.


Can I do a major in Biochemistry with a minor in Nutrition?

No. Biochemistry and Nutrition are considered to be the same subject area and you are therefore not permitted to a major in one with a minor in the other. [Regulation 4.1.5]