About Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes associated with living organisms. Biochemists use concepts of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, microbiology and genetics to unravel the complex puzzles of life.

Nutrition is the science that studies both the means by which we obtain and use foods and food components in the body, and the effects of food intake on health.


Oct 27, 2022


For a group of Memorial students this past spring, a field studies course took them to one of the biggest cities in the world — and beyond.

The fourth-level pilot course, Field Studies in Nutrition and Food (Biochemistry 4242), included a two-week trip to the U.K. in May, based at Memorial’s Harlow Campus.

Five research teams are benefitting from a substantial investment to advance projects aimed at finding solutions to health challenges and training the next generation of scientists.

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) recently awarded Memorial a total of $1,921,253 in grants.

The funding will support studies focused on better understanding heart disease, HIV infection, stroke, neonatal nutrition and opioid policy