Program Advice

Biochemistry Advising Centre

The Department of Biochemistry Advising Office located in CSF 2240 where Undergraduate Students can discuss their choice of majors or minors within the department and can receive advice on course selection and scheduling. Students who wish to book an appointment should do so directly (see below).

The Undergraduate Advisor is:

Mr. Steven Smith 


For advising matters, Mr. Smith should be contacted in CSF 2240 or by email to

Advice sheets have been updated to reflect course offerings Fall 2022 and Winter 2023.

Please see course change information here. 


Please Note: These advice sheets assume that you take English, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in first year and that you intend to follow the usual programme sequence of courses in subsequent years. These suggestions should ensure that you graduate in 4 years. Some of the courses suggested here are not the only options available. For more details on the choices available to you, consult the University Calendar.