Deferred Exam FAQs



What are the rules for deferring a final exam?

The regulations for deferring a final exam are published in the University Calendar: Exemptions From Final Examinations and Procedures for Applying to Write Deferred Examinations.


How do I apply to write a deferred final exam?

You must complete an application for a deferred examination at the Department General Office. For information and general inquiries please contact The form is available here. You must also provide supporting documents to verify your request:


In the case of sudden illness, you must have a note (Student Health Certificate) from your physician indicating that you were treated on the day of the examination for the illness that caused you to miss the exam. In the case of ongoing illness, your doctor's note must clearly indicate that you have been under their care continuously.


NOTE: We do not want or need to know details of your medical history BUT doctor's notes must be sufficiently informative to justify your request. "Mary Brown has the flu. Please excuse her from her exam" is NOT sufficient.


In the case of bereavement, an obituary notice from the newspaper or some other statement showing your relationship to a deceased family member should be provided.


If you have three exams which from the start of the first to the end of the third is 24 hours or less, University regulations allow you to defer the middle exam.  For requests to defer the middle exam of three in 24 hrs, you must provide us with a copy of your personal exam schedule which you can prepare using StudentWeb.


When will the deferred final exam be held?

Deferred exams are usually scheduled before or during the first week of classes of the following semester.


Deferred exams for FALL semester courses are typically scheduled during the first week of classes in the Winter semester. NOTE that some instructors may schedule their exams before the start of classes and you may have to return to St. Johns early to write the exam.


Deferred exams for WINTER semester courses are typically held in the last week of April or first week of May and nearly always before the start of spring semester classes.


Is the format of deferred exams the same as the original exam?

Deferred exams will be similar in length and in difficulty to the original exams. However, the format will not necessarily be the same as that of the original exam. You will need to check with your course instructor to determine the format of a particular exam.