Admission FAQs


How do I apply?

You can complete the  departmental form online. We will then complete and submit the "Declaration/Change of Academic Program" form to the Registrar's Office for you.

You can  complete the "Declaration/Change of Academic Program" form and bring or email it to the Biochemistry Advising Office for signature. 

When should I apply?

We accept applications any time, but...

In general, you should apply towards the end of the winter semester of your first year in University. We will hold all forms until the results of the winter semester examinations are released. We then evaluate them and send them to the Registrar's Office.

You should apply before May 31st so that we can process all applicants before the start of Fall registration.

How will I know if I am admitted?

We will send you an email to let you know when we have processed your application. You should also check StudentWeb to see if your records have been updated.

What courses do I need?

You should have completed 10 first-year courses which should include 6 credit hours in CRW (3 credit hours must be in English), 2 courses in Chemistry, and either 2 courses in Physics or 2 courses in Biology. You also need either 1 or 2 courses in Mathematics (depending on which of our majors you intend to apply for and what level of Mathematics you have completed).

Students who applied unsuccessfully for admission to Pharmacy and who do not have the 6 credit hours in CRW will be considered. If you are admitted to one of our programs, you will have to take the missing CRW(or English) course.

What grades do I need?

You need a minimum overall average of 60% in the eight courses mentioned above. If for the Biochemistry (Nutrition) program you only needed one Mathematics course, then we count an elective as the eighth course.

What do I do if I didn't take Physics in first year?

Not a big problem but you must take it in second year. Physics is required as a prerequisite for the core Biochemistry courses that you should be taking in the Winter semester of your second year. If you are not (yet) a major but (i) we know that you intend to be one and (ii) we see that you intend to register for all of the courses that should take as a major, you will generally be able to register using a drop-and-add form. You will need to speak to one of the advisors in the Biochemistry Advising Office in order to do this.