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Current students

Sarah Moriarty

PROGRAM: Earth Sciences

Hailing from a small town in Pennsylvania, Sarah Moriarty came to Memorial to study marine mineral resources with Dr. John Jamieson in the Department of Earth Sciences. Since starting her M.Sc., Sarah’s gotten lots of hands-on field work and networking opportunities (on top of her on-campus experience)—like exploring the Pacific seafloor in a submarine, working in a lab at Harvard University, and going on two international research cruises. Her end goal? To help increase our understanding of natural resources as the world moves towards a greener and more technologically advanced economy.

Yanet Campbell


As a child growing up in Cuba, Yanet Campbell was introduced to the world of music by her father, a fellow musician and orchestral performer. Since then, she’s honed her violin skills and is pursuing a Master of Music degree at Memorial. This program has provided Yanet not only with academic, financial and professional opportunities but also, as she puts it, “the tools to exceed in and outside of the music industry.”

Christopher George Galley

PROGRAM: Earth Sciences (Geophysics)

Christopher George Galley came to Memorial because it has one of the best inversion modelling research groups in Canada. Now that he is here, he is making himself at home, working full-time on his PhD in geophysics while competing as a varsity athlete in cross-country running and wrestling. Christopher's research specializes in inversion modelling method development and the modelling of seafloor massive sulphide deposits, which will have useful applications in mineral exploration as well as contribute to future technological advancement in the field.


Ebrahim Mohamed

PROGRAM: Engineering and Applied Science

Ebrahim Mohamed is a PhD graduate in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Upon finishing his studies, Dr. Mohamed completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia, and he is now an assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan.

Ellyn Lyle

PROGRAM: Education

Dr. Ellyn Lyle began her career in secondary English classrooms before tackling a series of educational advancements that led to a career in academia and her current role as dean in the Faculty of Education at Yorkville University.

Yang Zhang

PROGRAM: Physics and Physical Oceanography

While Yang Zhang was searching for a graduate program in North America, Memorial University’s geophysical fluid dynamics lab caught his eye. With a flexible schedule and a strong mentor, the PhD program in physical oceanography was just what Dr. Zhang was looking for. During his time at Memorial, he scripted idealized models and published his results in industry journals; he also celebrated the birth of his son.


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