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Jennifer Donnan

PROGRAM: Pharmacy

Graduate education has opened up new doors and opportunities for Jennifer Donnan. After graduating with an MBA in 2014, Jennifer has set her sights on completing a PhD in pharmacy. In her doctoral research she is exploring ways to quantitatively capture patient preferences to support patient-clinician shared decision making, which can lead to more appropriate use of medications, and result in more of the intended benefits.

Ernest Williams

PROGRAM: Chemistry

Ernest Williams has always been fascinated by the chemistry of drugs and how they affect our bodies. At 17, Ernest left his parents and siblings in Ghana to pursue his dream of a career creating the next generation of medicines. Now working towards his PhD in chemistry at Memorial, Ernest is using computer-aided drug discovery to develop better medicines for the future.

Amanda Hancock

PROGRAM: Management

While managers experience their share of stress in the workplace, PhD candidate Amanda Hancock says that leadership well-being is an under-researched area. In her doctoral research she’s set out to build a body of work that enables us to better understand how members of an organization view leaders who experience and share stigmatizing health challenges, and how we can use that information to better shape more inclusive workplaces.learn more tag


Ellyn Lyle

PROGRAM: Education

Dr. Ellyn Lyle began her career in secondary English classrooms before tackling a series of educational advancements that led to a career in academia and her current role as dean in the Faculty of Education at Yorkville University.

Yang Zhang

PROGRAM: Physics and Physical Oceanography

While Yang Zhang was searching for a graduate program in North America, Memorial University’s geophysical fluid dynamics lab caught his eye. With a flexible schedule and a strong mentor, the PhD program in physical oceanography was just what Dr. Zhang was looking for. During his time at Memorial, he scripted idealized models and published his results in industry journals; he also celebrated the birth of his son.

Dale Jarvis

PROGRAM: Folklore

Mr. Jarvis credits his time at Memorial for turning his passion for culture and storytelling into a career. From Memorial student to the provincial folklorist for Newfoundland and Labrador, he now even teaches a course through the Department of Folklore, inspiring the next generation of folklorists in the province.


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