Student success

Current student 

The right direction

Emilie Novaczek came to Memorial for a master of science but was inspired to pursue a PhD in geography instead. She credits the strong relationships she built with her supervisors as the secret to her successful graduate student experience. Ms. Novaczek now studies seafloor mapping and marine biogeography, particularly how marine habitats change over time, and hopes her research will aid conservation planning. >>>

The foreseeable future

PhD candidate Michael Oman-Reagan explains how space exploration drives social transformation. His work explores social and cultural factors influencing space science and exploration, and how space scientists increasingly shape the ways we imagine the future, both on and off the Earth. The secret to innovation is imagination. >>>

On the hunt

Very few are willing to troll the woods for hours on end in search of something they want. It’s tedious work. It requires patience, commitment, and diligence — all of which Christina Prokopenko has in spades. But while hunters and beasts pursue their prey, this researcher seeks answers to the predator-prey dynamic. >>> 


Living to tell the tale

Mr. Jarvis credits his time at Memorial for turning his passion for culture and storytelling into a career. From Memorial student to the provincial folklorist for Newfoundland and Labrador, he now even teaches a course through the Department of Folklore, inspiring the next generation of folklorists in the province. >>>

Risky Business

Memorial alumna Dr. Linda Lait used mitogenomics in her PhD research to study "at-risk" marine fish populations with hopes of informing conservation efforts. >>>

Happy Dey

Alumnus Rajib Dey Rajib Dey, a geotechnical engineer/consultant with Stantec Ltd. and a Memorial graduate, has journeyed a long way to get here. Today, with a PhD under his belt and a successful career in progress, he feels right at home in his adopted city of St. John’s. >>> 


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