Current student success


Sound effects

For Yanet Campbell, the Master of Music program hits all the right notes.>>>


What lies beneath

PhD candidate Christoper George Galley is using inversion modelling to better map ore deposits below the seafloor.>>>

Choosing the right path

PhD student Jennifer Donnan is exploring how pharmacists can routinely take patient preferences into consideration at all levels of decision-making.>>>

Technically peaking

Master of technology student Ig Kolenko's commitment to learning is keeping him at the top of his field.>>>

Positive effect

2017 Vanier Scholarship recipient Ernest Williams works to enhance the efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs with hopes of improving the future of medicine.>>>

Stress management

PhD candidate Amanda Hancock explores how employees view organizational leaders who share their experience of stress and other stigmatizing health challenges in the workplace. >>>

Good chemistry

2018 Vanier Scholarship recipient Kori Andrea works to develop a new kind of plastic compound capable of breaking down without polluting the Earth. >>>

Under development

Graduate student Samantha Morton's research aims to better understand the processes that are shaping  gender projects in international development work. >>>

Righting history

Sarah Hannon re-examines slavery and the nature of emancipation in Bermuda from a post-colonial perspective. >>>

Herd mentality

Large-scale population collapses within the caribou herds of Newfoundland have inspired PhD candidate Quinn Webber to take a closer look at the herd's biggest threat. >>>

Going with the flow

Gerissa Fowler says she's found her calling studying genetic mutations that result in blood vessel malformation. >>>

The right direction

Emilie Novaczek, who’s working towards her PhD in geography, says mapping your way to an incredible graduate experience starts with finding the right supervisor. >>>

The foreseeable future

PhD candidate Michael Oman-Reagan explains how space exploration drives social transformation. >>>

On the hunt

Chrisitina Prokopenko tracks wolves in Riding Mountain National Park in the pursuit of a deeper understanding of predator-prey dynamics. >>>

The weight of the world 

PhD candidate Lori Clarke seeks to bear witness to the embodied responses to grief that people experience because of climate change. >>>

In good time

When it comes to graduate studies, Liam Kelly says it isn't a destination, it's a journey. >>>

Fine tuned

Cellist Peter Ko says graduate school helped him a better performer. >>> 

Coast to Coast

Graduate student Brittany Palm-Flawd looks a salmon reproduction from both sides of the atlantic.>>>

Virtually unstoppable

Computer Science graduate student Afsaneh Rafighi juggles studies, work and a full social calendar. >>>

Politics and popcorn

PhD candidate Paula Graham connects the local public to political issues through film. >>>

Calling the shots

Master of nursing student Sarah Messervey embraces the power of online education while working full time as a registered nurse. >>>

Education fit for a King

Justin King took his studies to the next level with a PhD in Immunology and Infectious Diseases. >>>

Time master

Eric Watton demonstrates that you can have it all and still pursue your master's degree. >>>

Programmed to succeed

International graduate student Trung Nguyen is pursuing his PhD with the C-CORE Intelligent Systems Lab. >>>

That's amore

Graduate student Francesca Boschetti left Italy for her new love, St. John's >>>