Alumni success

Living to tell the tale

From Memorial graduate student to professional storyteller, Dale Jarvis recounts how he became the first full-time provincially funded folklorist in Canada. >>>

Getting down to business

Greg Pope says going back to school after first gaining industry experience helped him make the most time of his MBA. >>> 

Leading the pact

Dr. Sulistiyono helped establish a memorandum of understanding between Memorial and his alma mater in Indonesia. >>>

Man about town

Leading by example, alumnus Josh Smee works to make his city a better place through dedicated community involvement. >>>

Risky business

Memorial alumna Dr. Linda Lait used mitogenomics in her PhD research to study "at-risk" marine fish populations with hopes of informing conservation efforts. >>>

Ocean view

Graduate studies. United Nations. Dean of Student Affairs. Dr. Manuel Furtado-Neto’s life’s work started right here. >>>

Fishing for Purpose

Alumna Kiley Best advises prospective graduate students to focus on their interests. >>>

Happy Dey

Alumnus Rajib Dey is delighted with the opportunities his graduate studies at Memorial have provided. >>>

Inside the mind

Dr. Matthew Parsons opens up about pursuing his graduate studies and uncovering the mysteries of the human brain. >>>