What to do when you first get to Memorial

  • Contact Brenda Crewe and your supervisor. Brenda will ensure that immediate paperwork gets done, including filling out a direct deposit form and the funding form, getting your social insurance number, and processing a study permit (if necessary). She will also orient you to the location of your office (and provide keys) and mailbox.

  • Registration: Make sure you are registered for the courses that you need to be in. If you cannot do this with the online registration system, see Brenda Crewe and she will be able to help you with the manual add/drop form.

MUN Email Account


To register for your MUN e-mail account, go to https://www.mun.ca/its/munlogin/index.php and follow the instructions to set up your account. Any further email and computer help can also be found at the Computing and Communications website for Memorial (http://www.mun.ca/its/).


University Card


Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff can request your cards online https://www.mun.ca/ancillary/campuscard/GetYourCampusCard.php.


Other Things to Consider

The School of Graduate Studies has a web page for new students that may be worth checking out: