Clinical Faculty

Core Clinical Faculty

Dr. Jacqueline Carter, D.Phil. (University of Oxford), R.Psych. Dr. Carter's research is focused on understanding and treating eating disorders. Her current research is examining psychological and social factors (e.g., emotion regulation, weight stigma) that are associated with disordered eating and body image dissatisfaction in young adults. Dr. Carter has taught adult psychopathology, research design, interprofessional education, and clinical supervision. Her primary theoretical orientations are cognitive-behavioral and emotion-focused. Dr. Carter is currently the Clinical Practicum Coordinator. She can be reached at:

Dr. Emily Fawcett, Ph.D. (Lakehead University), R.Psych. Dr. Fawcett’s research is focused on anxiety and related disorders, women’s health, and clinical epidemiology. She also has extensive experience conducting collaborative meta-analyses. She was previously a faculty member at the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre where she was involved in teaching and supervising psychology residents, and led psychotherapy training for psychiatry residents at Memorial University. Her primary theoretical orientation is Cognitive-Behavioral, although she integrates elements of acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, solution-focused, and dialectical behavioral therapy into her clinical practice. She can be reached at:

Dr. Sheila Garland, Ph.D. (University of Calgary), R.Psych. Dr. Garland conducts psycho-oncology and behavioral sleep medicine research with an increasing emphasis on examining the mechanisms and effectiveness of interventions to improve sleep and other symptoms in cancer survivors. She has taught adult assessment and diagnosis and ethics of professional practice courses. Her primary theoretical orientations are cognitive behavioral and existential. Dr. Garland is currently the Director of Clinical Training. She can be reached at:

Dr. Kellie Hadden
, Ph.D. (University of Saskatchewan), R.Psych. Dr. Hadden's research areas are substance use in early psychosis and attachment relationships in at-risk youth.  She also has clinical expertise in forensic psychology and evidence-based treatments for trauma.  Recently, Dr. Hadden has taught Clinical Supervision and Practicum in Ethics and Relationship Skills.  She is a founding member of the PsyD Program at Memorial University and is currently the Chair of the comprehensive exam.  Her primary theoretical orientations include Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).  Dr. Hadden can be reached at

Dr. Nick Harris, Ph.D. (Lakehead University), R.Psych. Dr. Harris’s research interests are within the areas of substance use and behavioural addictions with specific interests in cannabis use disorder and internet gaming disorder in youth and young adult populations. He works primarily with youth and their families struggling with co-morbid mental health and substance use issues. Dr. Harris has taught child and adolescent courses in assessment, psychopathology, and intervention.  He can be reached at: 

Dr. Josh Rash, Ph.D. (University of Calgary), R.Psych. Dr. Rash’s research areas are behavioural medicine, health behaviour change, chronic disease management, and cardiovascular psychophysiology. Dr. Rash conducts multi-site, pragmatic clinical trials that involve pharmacological and behavioural interventions. His has expertise in chronic pain management, weight management, stress management, motivating health behaviour change, treatment of insomnia, and cardiovascular psychophysiology. Dr. Rash has taught Research Design in Clinical Psychology and Principles of Intervention with Adults courses. His theoretical orientation draws from second and third wave cognitive-behavioural approaches. Dr. Rash can be reached at:

Professional Associates

Dr. Megan English
Dr. Emily Case
Dr. Susan Pardy
Dr. Heather Quinlan
Ms. Susan Stone

Cross-Appointed Faculty

Dr. Benjamin Zendel, Faculty of Medicine