Funded MA Opportunity

Dec 4th, 2018

Jason Waters

Funded MA Opportunity


Funding for M.A. in Political Science (thesis stream) Floor-crossing and party switching in Canadian legislatures Memorial University of Newfoundland Application deadline: January 15, 2019 Program start date: September 2019 A Memorial University of Newfoundland professor is leading a team of researchers on a SSHRC-funded project studying Canadian Members of Parliament and members of provincial legislatures who switch political parties (also known as crossing the floor). Funding is available to support one (1) student conducting research to assist the project team and preparing a graduate research thesis under the professor’s supervision. Interested students must apply through Memorial University’s normal graduate admission process for entry into a 2-year Master of Arts program of study that begins September 2019.


This is an outstanding opportunity for a highly capable student who is passionate about Canadian politics to build transferrable research skillsets. As part of a team, the student will conduct a deep literature review about floor crossing in Canada; compile information about provincial politicians for a party switcher database; communicate with legislative librarians across Canada; collect and code Canadian news stories (e.g., to identify federal and provincial politicians treated most harshly by the media); and will help coordinate public engagement and outreach to raise awareness of the research. Throughout the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic years the thesis supervisor will be accessible and supportive. The student will build on existing skills, including collecting data in a systematic manner, a concise style of writing, dependability, excellent time management and intellectual curiosity.


A total of $35,000 is available for the two-year MA thesis program ($17,500 per year). The amount is comprised partially of scholarship funding and partially of funding for a research assistantship, equalling approximately 10 hours of work per week over the two year period, to work with Dr. Alex Marland in the Department of Political Science, Memorial University. Additional funding might be available for the student to co-present findings at an academic conference.


Students with high grades who are graduating or recently graduated from a reputable degree program at a Canadian university are encouraged to apply. The ideal student will have obtained “A” grades in political science courses studying Canada and/or completed an Honours essay on an applicable topic. Strong performance in research methods and/or media communication courses is desirable but not required.


Apply for admission by Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at

Further Information

Information about the MA (Political Science) program at Memorial University of Newfoundland:


Contact: Dr. Amanda Bittner, Political Science Graduate Program Coordinator or (709) 864-8186

Information about the Canadian party switching research project:

Contact: Dr. Alex Marland, Professor, Department of Political Science or (709) 864-8178