School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies

With Senate approval in May 2020 and Board of Regents approval in July 2020, the School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies is Memorial’s newest academic unit, and the first in Labrador.

Its core mission is to develop and deliver place-based, Indigenous-led, and Northern-focused undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees, diplomas, certificates, and micro-credential opportunities, focused on meeting the needs and priorities of Labrador and the North.


The School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies offers Northern-led and Northern-focused undergraduate, and graduate programming that is responsive to the needs of the North, right here in Labrador.

For the first time, learners of all ages and interests in Labrador can access opportunities to pursue collaborative, rigorous, interdisciplinary, Northern learning without leaving the region.

And while we are prioritizing meeting the needs and priorities of people in Labrador, our programs are open to learners from throughout the Circumpolar North, as well as those in other places interested in the unique opportunity to live and learn in the North.

The Labrador Campus works with key partners in Labrador, Memorial University, and throughout the North to lead the development and delivery of interdisciplinary programming, and support the growth of the campus.

Uniquely, the School of Arctic and Subarctic studies is governed by an Academic Council which, for the first time at Memorial University, has voting representation from the three Indigenous governing organizations in Labrador. This means that all academic matters are governed by, and developed with, Indigenous leaders from Labrador.

Stay up to date with our transition and transformation to a Labrador Campus that will support the educational aspirations of people in Labrador and the North.