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The Labrador Campus is home to a vibrant community of students.

Discover the transformative journeys of current Labrador Campus students as they share their unique experiences and incredible growth during their time in their programs. 

The testimonials below celebrate the voices that make the Labrador Campus an exceptional place to learn, connect, and thrive. We hope their words offer some inspiration to those considering embarking on their own educational journeys here in Labrador.

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Banner for Lizzie Aliqatuqtuq's student testimonial

"I've always wanted to do my Masters, and was really interested in this Indigenous Masters program as it was more fitting to my studies. All the course content is Indigenous, and I'm with my fellow Inuit in our Cohort.

This program has been a wonderful learning experience so far. There is lots of reading, but the readings are of the Arctic and the North. It's all very interesting. I'm currently Chair of Inuit Language and Culture programs at Nunavut Arctic College, and I want to see a Masters and PhD program for Inuit in Nunavut. I would love to be part of the working group to create these kinds of programs for Nunavut."

"This is a great program, it's nothing like the other programs that I've taken before. I look forward to learning more from Inuit Elders as I move forward. I would love to do my PhD with the Labrador Campus!"

- Lizzie Aliqatuqtuq, 2023 Arctic & Subarctic Futures Cohort



Banner for Doris Dicker's testimonial

"The location and topic of study are what initially drew me to study at the Labrador Campus. Since starting my program, my most memorable experience so far has been building relationships with those who share a common goal. Over the course of my journey through this program, I’m most looking forward to reinforcing my culture in my teachings, and confidence in who I am as an educator."

"To anyone who’s considering this program, go for it! It’s a life-changing opportunity."

- Doris Dicker, 2023 Arctic & Subarctic Futures Cohort



Chelsea Flowers, Master's (Coursework) in Arctic and Subarctic Futures

"I love being able to participate in a program like Arctic and Subarctic Futures, that is set here in Labrador. I knew that with this program I would not only benefit my own learning journey, but also be able to help with the future of my community as well.

So far, some of my most memorable experiences have been the Labrador Cook-Off, learning how to clean a seal skin with various techniques, reflecting on my time on the Land, and listening to guest speakers like Elder Jean Crane and Jamie Jackman. Throughout my journey in this program, I’m most looking forward to reconnecting with my culture, and helping my community."

"If I were to give any advice to those considering this program, I would say be open to new experiences. Take the time to really immerse yourself in the learning not only with professors, but also with guest speakers, classmates, the readings, the Land, and all that surrounds you."

- Chelsea Flowers, 2023 Arctic & Subarctic Futures Cohort



Megan Harris-Edwards, BScN

"Being able to attend the BScN Program at Labrador Campus was always a dream when I first heard the rumours about the program being offered here! I was always reluctant to leave my home (including my family and pets) to continue my studies elsewhere. Now I get to come home to my family and share my Labrador Campus experiences with them by my side!

I'm most looking forward to watching Labrador Campus and the Nursing Program continue to grow and succeed in our region! Of course, I'm also really looking forward to graduation but I'm not wishing any of these special years away too fast!"

"Come by the Labrador Campus to chat with us or ask any questions you might have! We love to share about the Nursing Program and show off our brand-new Campus and Nursing Skills Lab!"

- Megan Harris-Edwards, 2023 BScN Cohort



Mckenzie Hutchings, Master's Coursework, Arctic & Subarctic Futures

"I was drawn to the unique and innovative nature of the graduate programming available at the Labrador Campus!

One of my favourite moments of the graduate program thus far has to be the Labrador Cook-Off, which was part of SASS 6000: Learning Labrador. This course, and particularly this assignment, allowed me to incorporate story-telling, traditional knowledge, and local food into a large charcuterie board comprised of wild foods harvested and prepared by my classmates and their families from all across Inuit Nunangat.

I am looking forward to continuing to make connections and learn from other researchers, students, knowledge holders, and professionals working in academic and community contexts across the North."

"I would advise anyone who’s interested in applying to connect and chat with students in the program or staff and faculty at the Labrador Campus! Great things can happen once the conversation is started."

- Mckenzie Hutchings, 2023 Arctic & Subarctic Futures cohort



Natalie Jacque, Master's Coursework Student

"Connecting with the Land and being able to incorporate my personal experiences with this into academic writing is something I truly cherish within this program. Taking part in creative projects, Indigenous lessons, and knowledge sharing have helped create a stronger sense of pride in my Inuit culture.

I am most looking forward to expanding my knowledge base of Northern and Indigenous education, continuing to strengthen my new-found connections with colleagues and friends, and opening doors to future opportunities."

"If someone were interested in studying at the Labrador Campus and unsure about taking that first step, I would say wholeheartedly that it is something that they should strongly consider because the program is absolutely amazing and unique! The Labrador Campus has found ways of incorporating local Indigenous knowledge within academia and provides spaces of respect and acknowledgment of Indigenous cultures."

- Natalie Jacque, 2023 Arctic & Subarctic Futures cohort



Cluet Wallace, BScN student

"I was initially drawn to the BScN program at the Labrador Campus because I’m interested in becoming a doctor. Over the course of my program, I’m most looking forward to learning how to care for patients in hospital settings, and learning about the human body.

For anyone considering the BScN program, I’d encourage them first to not leave any work to the last minute, and to have an idea of how you’re going to study for your courses."

"The Labrador Campus is a great place to do this program as there are very nice instructors here and a wonderful staff. There are also great opportunities to get experience working at the hospital here!"

- Cluet Wallace, 2023 BScN cohort