The School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies is continuing to grow and develop its undergraduate and graduate learning opportunities that are based in Labrador and Northern-focused and Indigenous-led. Come live and learn in Labrador and immerse yourself in the lands, waters, cultures, and histories of Labrador and the North!

With the establishment of the Labrador Campus in 2022, opportunities for university education options in Labrador are growing through the School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies! We are offering rich and deep learning opportunities in Labrador, to enable learners to dream, aspire, and reach their educational goals.

In some areas, programming will be developed uniquely for Labrador including a full undergraduate program (in development) and a suite of graduate programming (launching in 2023). In other areas, programming will be offered in partnership with other academic units throughout Memorial University (e.g. Bachelor of Science in Nursing).

Keep checking back for updates on our program development and current offerings.

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