Our roots

In summer 2019, Memorial University, under the leadership of the Labrador Campus, acquired the lease of an 80-acre farm in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador (formerly the Grand River Farm, owned and operated by Frank and Joyce Pye). This acquisition is based on Memorial University’s commitment to promoting agricultural growth in the province through leading-edge research and educational opportunities, and demonstrates our commitment to continuing the legacy of food innovation, production, and community connections established by Frank and Joyce Pye.

Through this acquisition, we have established the Pye Centre for Northern Boreal Food Systems. We encourage you to follow along closely as we grow and develop together!

Illustration of small plant with three leaves and deep roots

Our vision

Our vision for the Pye Centre is to be a vibrant community-led hub of leading Northern-focused food systems research, education, community connections, production, and distribution in Labrador.

The Pye Centre will bring about this vision through a number of programs and initiatives developed in consultation with our partners and the community as whole.

Illustration of small strawberry plant with deep roots

Our partners

The Pye Centre is working in partnership with local farmers, Indigenous organizations, the provincial Agrifoods department, and Agriculture and Agrifoods Canada, as well as students and researchers from throughout the province and nationally. Together, we are responding to food systems, food security, and food sovereignty priorities of Labrador.

Illustration of strawberry plant in soil with sun and water in the background, to symbolize the elements a plant needs to grow