Undergraduate student funding opportunities

The School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies is delighted to welcome undergraduate students to the Labrador Campus! Finding and securing funding is one important component of a positive undergraduate experience, and there are a variety of scholarship and research funding opportunities available to undergraduate students of the School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies.

For more information and to check out the diverse funding opportunities, you can download the Undergraduate Student Funding Opportunities 2024-25 booklet!



Application guidance & grant writing assistance

Undergraduate students should contact the Research Support and Advancement Officer for assistance with questions about eligibility, application guidelines, or additional information not listed here. Information sessions and grant-writing workshops will be held in the Fall and Winter semesters to share opportunities, answer questions, and assist with the grant-writing process. Information will be posted via social media, around the Labrador Campus, and via email.

Labrador Campus supports:

  • Research Support and Advancement Officer: Chelsee Arbour (c.arbour@mun.ca

Funding & other supports: