Alex Sawatzky

Alex Sawatzky headshot

Adjunct Professor, School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies

Alexandra Sawatzky, PhD (Settler, she/her), is an interdisciplinary researcher and artist who builds relationships at the intersection of research, art, and design to co-create and mobilize knowledge. She engages visual methods and tools that are driven by relational approaches, centering people's expertise and knowledge to develop creative ways of visualizing ideas and information.

Alex has been working in partnership with Inuit and other community and government partners in Labrador since 2015. During her PhD, she worked with the community of Rigolet to develop and strengthen place-based and Inuit-led climate change adaptation initiatives.

Alex also owns and operates her own freelance art and design practice, specializing in mobilizing knowledge into visual forms to enhance communication and strengthen relationships. She currently lives in Guelph, Ontario with her husband and dog.

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