Cold Water Oil

Cold Water Oil is a joint research project with Dr. Fiona Polack that contributes to the nascent field of cultural studies of energy. We are examining how the North Atlantic offshore oil and gas industry is imagined in a wide range of high and popular contexts – everything from oil company websites, to government-sponsored documentaries to literary fiction.

 Of particular interest are texts that address, question, and explore both the contemporary affects and the historical resonances of the North Atlantic offshore oil industry on the people of Newfoundland and Labrador and other Northern areas of energy extraction

“while much work has been done to track the material and political processes that fueled the growth of the petroleum industry, relatively little scholarship has attempted to account for the myriad ways that oil has saturated…aesthetic practices, cultural forms, and public discourses”(Barrett and Worden, Journal of American Studies, May 2012: 269).



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