I have supervised students working on undergraduate honours essays, MA research projects (English 6999), MA theses, PhD dissertations, and postdoctoral fellows. Broadly speaking, I supervise student research in areas related to Irish Studies, Contemproary Fiction, Literary Theory (feminism, postcolonialim, masculinity, violence studies) and Newfoundland writing.

I have also mentored students in our teaching fellow program, and supervised a number of student research assistants, funded through my SSHRC SRG grant or through Faculty of Arts GA funding schemes.

A list of topics that students have written on while working with me (many of which are available at the Centre for Newfoundland Studes) is below:


Postdoctoral Fellow

"Petrorealism and Other Energy Narratives: A Literary History of the Age of Oil"

"Troubling Memory: Disrupting the Politics of History and Memory in Ireland Through Film and Fiction"


PhD Dissertations

"Resistance in Contemporary Newfoundland Literature." Co-supervisor: Dr. Fiona Polack. 2017

“How Should A Writer Be? Creative Writers in Contemporary Canadian Novels.” 


Masters Theses

“Children having Children: The Politics of Childhood and Reproduction in Contemporary Irish Literature and Film.”

“Performative Masculinity in Robert Baden-Powell’s Scouting For Boys.”

“Competing Worldviews in Postcolonial Labrador: Rethinking Intercultural Discourse Norms.”

“’No More Mothers, Whores, Villians: the Prisoner’s Wife in Northern Irish Literature and Film.”


Masters Research Essay (English 6999)

"Living Well: Unreliable Narration and Narrative Doubling in Michael Winter's The Big Why.”

“Loser Fiction: Contemporary Representations of Failing White Masculinity and the Relinquishing of White Male Privilege.”

“A Leda of Our Age.”

“Ideological Self-Fashioning through Violence in Joel Thomas Hynes’s Down to the Dirt.”

“The Least Among Them: The Role of Mina Hubbard and Gilbert Blake’s Gender and Subaltern Narratives and Icons in Inventing a Labrador Culture.”


Honours Theses

“Toxic Masculinity in James Joyce’s ‘A Little Cloud’.”

“Short-change the Humans”: Entropy, Movement, and Failure in Samuel Beckett’s Malone Dies.” 

“Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned: Confession in the Plays of Martin McDonagh.” 

“When Roots Grow Up: Joyce’s ‘Araby’ as Inspiration.”

“Revolution Through Fiction: Fire and Empathy in Bernard MacLaverty’s Cal.”