Junaid Hassan


I am Junaid Hassan, completed my M.Eng in Oil and Gas Engineering from MUN in January, 2014 and working at Vale as a Mechanical Engineer. My research area was focused on the development of a model to assess dust explosion occurrence. The model provides a comprehensive assessment to the dust handling facilities to monitor and take effective measure to reduce the explosion phenomena.



Research Interests

Probabilistic risk assessment, Reliability, Safety and risk engineering; Quantitative Risk Assessment, Statistical Assessment, Risk evaluation, Failure Analysis, Reliability Modelling, etc.


  • Junaid Hassan, Faisal Khan, Paul Amyotte, Refaul Ferdous, A Model to Assess Dust Explosion Occurrence Probability, Journal of Hazardous Materials (Accepted, 2014), DOI:10.1016/j.jhazmat.2014.01.017.
  • Junaid Hassan, Faisal Khan, Paul Amyotte, Refaul Ferdous, Industry specific dust explosion likelihood assessment model with case studies. J. Chem. Health Safety (Accepted, 2013)
  • Mashrura Musharraf, Junaid Hassan, Faisal Khan, Brian Veitch, Scott MacKinnon, Syed Imtiaz Human reliability assessment during offshore emergency conditions accepted in Journal of Safety Science (2013)

Contact Info

Phone: +1-(709)-763-2161

Email: shaown20@gmail.com, jmkh07@mun.ca, junaid.hassan@vale.com