Minor in Biology

A minor in Biology will consist of 24 credit hours in Biology courses: 1001 and 1002 (or equivalent) plus any 18 credit hours chosen from the list of Biology courses except Biology 2040, 2041, 2120, 3053, and 3820. The choice of courses must be made in consultation with the Head of Biology or delegate.


Students who wish to minor in Biology must submit a "Declaration/Change of Academic Program " form to the Registrar's Office. This must be be signed at the Biology Departmental Office and students must have completed both Biology 1001 & 1002 or their equivalent.

Course Requirements

A minor requires 8 courses (24 credit hours) in Biology:

  • 2 First year Biology (1001 and 1002)
  • 6 Biology electives (2000, 3000 or 4000 level; it is recommended but not required that students take at least two Biology courses at the 3000 level or above)

Course Selection

All Biology courses taken must be discussed with the Undergraduate Officer before each registration.

Minor for Biology Majors

The general degree program also permits a student to have a minor in another Department's program. Some examples include Psychology, Earth Science, Biochemistry, History, English, Mathematics.

Minor for Honours Students

You are unable to receive a Minor in many subjects (e.g. French, Anthropology, History) because of the low number of general electives available in the program. To receive a Minor in another subject, students must be able to complete the required 8 courses within the 40 courses required for the degree. If you exceed the 40 course requirement, it simply will be noted on your transcript that you have completed the requirements for a minor in that subject. For subjects such as Biochemistry, some courses required for the Biology degree may be used toward the minor.




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