Qualifying year

In exceptional cases, and with the strong recommendation of the appropriate academic unit, some applicants who do not fully meet minimum entry requirements to a master’s program may be admitted conditionally subject to completion of a qualifying year. This qualifying year will require completion of some undergraduate courses at Memorial University.

If you have been conditionally accepted to a master’s program, please note the following:

  • The exact conditions (number of courses, types of courses, and minimum grades that must be achieved) will be reflected in the offer letter. All conditions must be fulfilled before you can be fully accepted to your desired master’s program.
  • Typically the qualifying year undergraduate courses shall be completed in the one year prior to the commencement of your desired master’s program.
  • At the discretion of the School of Graduate Studies and academic unit offering conditional acceptance, your master’s program conditional acceptance may be moved to a future semester to provide additional time to complete the qualifying year requirements.
  • After you receive your conditional offer letter, apply for admission as an undergraduate student through the Office of the Registrar
  • On that application for admission, select the semester in which you plan to complete your first undergraduate course. Select “Other Students” as your program of study and “Visitor” as your category of admission. For further information about undergraduate admission, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions and Programs
  • Once you have been accepted for admission as a visiting undergraduate student by the Office of the Registrar, register for the necessary undergraduate courses as reflected on our conditional admission letter. Registration instructions can be found here
  • For many senior undergraduate courses, you may have to register manually through a Course Change form. In such cases, contact the Graduate Officer of your academic unit.