Visiting Graduate Students

Visiting Graduate Students are graduate students at another recognized institution who come to Memorial University to conduct research under the supervision of a Memorial University faculty member. To become eligible to register, a Visiting Graduate Student must submit an Visiting Research Student Application for Admission accompanied by: 1) a letter from their home institution verifying graduate student status, and 2) a letter from the host faculty member confirming the duration of the visit. The appropriate academic unit at Memorial will send all three documents along with a completed Program of Study form to the School of Graduate Studies. The student will then be admitted to the School of Graduate Studies to a "non-degree" program. All Visiting Graduate Students are required to register for GRAD 9900 through a Course Change form upon arrival, and for every semester they are at Memorial.

In order to comply with Canada’s immigration regulations, please contact your nearest Canadian visa office to determine the required permits and/or visas which must be obtained at Memorial University. For further information, please visit the IRCC website.

If you have been accepted as a Visiting Graduate Student and require a permit, please contact the Internationalization Office. We strongly encourage you to review important information about your status.


Visiting Graduate Students are exempt from paying graduate tuition fees. If a Visiting Graduate Student wishes to register for a course while at Memorial University, he/she must pay at the undergraduate per course rate as outlined in the University Calendar. A student enrolled in a graduate program at another university who wishes to complete courses at Memorial University to transfer back to their home institution are not considered Visiting Graduate Students. Such individuals should apply for admission to Memorial University as an undecided undergraduate student through the Office of the Registrar.

Registration in GRAD 9900 will provide Visiting Graduate Students with access to necessary University resources. It will also result in a charge for health insurance only for all such students. Depending on immigration status, Visiting Graduate Students will be charged foreign health insurance or Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) health insurance. To opt out of health insurance, Visiting Graduate Students must either visit the GSU or the Internationalization Office as soon they register for GRAD 9900. To opt into the GSU’s dental insurance plan, you may contact the GSU. To opt into the recreation fee plan (and gain access to the Field House facilities), please contact the Cashier’s Office.