Funding and employment

Graduate students at Memorial University can avail of a number of scholarships and employment opportunities to finance their studies, receive acknowledgement for academic achievement, and develop tangible skills for the workforce. In addition to many internal scholarships available to you as a graduate student, external funding sources such as Tri-Council Granting Agencies (SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR) also provide scholarships and awards to the best graduate students in Canada.

Graduate students can further apply for a variety of on- and off-campus jobs to assist with the costs associated with their graduate program. You can apply for on-campus positions through ISWEP and GradSWEP, or for additional teaching, research, and graduate assistantships. Student Life will also post through MyMUNLife external jobs available to students.

To help you with your scholarship or job applications, the School of Graduate Studies offer a number of professional development workshops and programs through the Enhanced Development of the Graduate Experience (EDGE). For general advice on budgeting, you can use a number of tools, including Excel or Google Sheets, to monitor and manage your expenses, which may include rent, utilities, regular payments (e.g., phone), and groceries. The Council of Graduate Schools’ GradSense Budget calculator allows you to quickly assess and plan your expenses, and the Government of Canada offers general advice on budgeting for student life.