Payroll deduction

Graduate students who wish to have their tuition paid from their bi-weekly financial support can now request the service online through Memorial University Self-Service. In such cases, your semester program and ancillary fees will be allocated over the number of pay periods available within a given semester and will be deducted from your bi-weekly support.

To sign up for payroll deductions through Self-Service, students may click on the “Employee Services” tab, and then the “Graduate Student Payroll Deduction Request”.

Graduate students signing up for payroll deductions must do so every semester. Current students already on funding will be able to sign up for online payroll deductions 24 hours after they register. New students will be able to sign up for online payroll deductions on the first day of classes.

All graduate students must complete their online submissions before the last day to register (two weeks after the start of classes). After the last day to register, you will not be able to sign up for payroll deductions until the following semester.

Fall Semester 2024

Students can request Graduate Student Payroll Deductions for the Fall 2024 semester, online through Memorial Self-Service. Please select “Graduate Student Payroll Deduction Request”, which can be found under the “Employee Services” tab.

To avoid late fees, students who wish to avail of this option must sign up for payroll deduction for the Fall semester by 11:59 p.m. (NT) on September 6, 2024 (students will have the ability to sign up for payroll deduction until September 30, 2024, but late fees will apply after September 4, 2024).

Please note that if you choose not to sign up for payroll deduction, then all fees will have to be paid directly by the normal deadline dates set out in the University Diary.