About Us

The Sexual Harassment Office serves all students, faculty and staff of all Memorial University campuses and institutes. Our main office is located on the St. John's Campus and there is a satellite office on Grenfell Campus

We offer the following services to all university members:  

  • anonymous or confidential consultation
  • timely resolution of sexual harassment and sexual assault complaints
  • awareness campaigns and displays
  • education and training sessions
  • provide and refer you to additional supports and resources

The first step is to contact our office for a confidential conversation with one of our advisors. You choose what to tell us and whether or not to submit a complaint and pursue a resolution. We will work within your comfort level. 

Sexual Violence is an all-encompassing term for behaviours and actions that are sexual in nature and are unwanted, coerced and committed without consent. This includes both sexaul assault and sexual harassment which are defined in Memorial's Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault policy as follows: 

Sexual Assault
A criminal offence under the Criminal Code R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46 of Canada. It is any type of unwanted sexual act characterized by the use of force, threat(s), or control of a person or carried out in circumstances where the person has not freely consented.

Sexual Harassment
Conduct or comments of a sexually-oriented or gender-oriented nature based on gender expression, gender identity, sex or sexual orientation directed at a person or group of persons by another person or persons, who knows or ought reasonably to know that such conduct or comments are unwelcome or unwanted. It includes Sexual Assault and assisting in Sexual Harassment.