Always Ask

 Our Always Ask campaign encourages everyone to break the silence by opening and continuing the conversation about sexual harassment and sexual assault at our university. It encourages the shared responsibility of the issue of sexual harassment and sexual assault and aims to shift from complainant responsibility to a shared responsibility. We aim to shift societal norms from a rape culture to a culture of consent. The shared responsibility begins with acknowledging and perhaps changing our day to day actions, responses and attitudes toward sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Our campaign asks you to start with yourself - Ask Yourself what is one concrete action I can take today to help prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault? This could include things such as being mindful of using gender neutral language, taking a moment to educate yourself on some common myths and facts, reminding yourself of your committment to a shared responsibility, and acting as a bystander if you witness any incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault. 

The Always Ask is a multi pronged and multi layered campaign and can be found on all campuses and institutues in the form of magnets, posters, resource pocket cards, customized brochures, pop up banners, waterbottles and a series of multi-layered educational messages on monitor displays. 

Always Ask. 

Ask yourself - Do I have the consent of everyone in the room to tell that joke? How am I promoting a sexual harassment free environment?

Ask others - I overheard that comment, are you okay? You've had a few drinks, do you have a safe way to get home?

Ask us - Listen to your instincts. Break the silence.