What is MUN Safe?

MUN Safe is an app that lets Memorial University students, staff, faculty and visitors quickly access campus resources 24/7 such as emergency push notifications, emergency procedures, incident reporting and more. The MUN Safe app is your direct line to a safer Memorial University.

MUN SAFE benefits include:

  • Safety notifications: Receive instant notifications and instructions when on-campus emergencies occur.*
  • Emergency help: contact Campus Enforcement and Patrol staff quickly for help in an emergency.
  • Campus safety resources: access all important Memorial University of Newfoundland safety resources in one convenient app.
  • Incident Reporting: Report non-emergent incidents, hazards and behavioral concerns
  • On Campus Support Resources: Get in touch with resources such as the Counselling Centre, Sexual Harassment Office, International Student Advising Centre and more.

Push notifications, which are pushed to your phone, are used to share critical information that is needed by the entire campus community. This includes campus closures due to adverse weather, potential active intruder situations, bomb threats and chemical/hazardous material spills.

Alerts, which are not pushed to your phone but appear within the app, are used to share additional or more detailed information. This includes breaking campus emergency news, building-specific information or non-emergency information. Alerts appear in the status bar at the top of the app. You can click for more information or the alert history.

Because Memorial University has upwards of 80 buildings across all of its campuses, individual fire alarms will not be sent as push notifications. If you hear a fire alarm, you should evacuate immediately. The in-app alert will be updated to identify the location of the fire alarm.

* Push notifications must be enabled in the app itself (in About/Preferences > Notification Settings) AND notifications must be enabled in your phone's settings.  If push notifications are currently enabled and you are not receiving push notifications, please check your phone settings using the follow guidelines:

Apple Device

Android Device


Google Play iTunes

Questions about MUN Safe?

Questions or technical issues with MUN Safe can be directed to the MUN Safe administrators at munsafe@mun.ca

if you are not receiving you push notifications, please visit the troubleshooting resources page.