Resolution Pathways

If you choose to submit a complaint with the Sexual Harassment Office, there are three resolution options available to you. 

There are three resolution pathways available: informal investigation, mediation and formal resolution which leads to an investigation. For additional details, please see below content.

Informal Resolution

An informal resolution is a mutually agreed upon resolution between the complainant and respondent, but does not require contact between the two parties. It is not punitive. The conditions of the resolution are tailored toward the needs of the complainant. A respondent may refuse to participate in which case other options will be discussed with the complainant. 


Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution pathway and an assisted negotiation. It is a process in which a neutral third party (the mediator) attempts to facilitate a private discussion in a setting that is as safe as possible with the goal of achieving an effective resolution. Mediation is non-disciplinary and is only appropriate when both parties are committed to the process and a power imbalance is not present. 

Formal Resolution

The complainant may request a formal investigation. Requests for formal investigation is submitted to the Sexual Harassment Office before being directed to the President's Office for review. The President will review and determine if an investigation is warranted. If the President decides that the allegations do not warrant an investigation, alternative options will be explored with the complainant.