Consent education on Friday, Sep. 22, 2023

recent study from the Canadian Women’s Foundation revealed that 55 percent of people in Canada do not fully understand consent when it comes to sexual activity. At Memorial, we aim to have everyone fully understand the nuances of sexual consent. What seems simple can get very complicated. Consent messaging must move beyond “no means no” to the idea that only a conscious, ongoing, enthusiastic and informed “yes” means yes. A strong understanding of consent is crucial to shifting culture and preventing sexual violence.


Please join the Sexual Harassment Office on Friday, Sep. 22, from 12:30-2 p.m. to learn about consent and examine its important role in creating a safer campus community. Objectives include defining sexual violence and consent, exploring the concept of boundaries, introducing power and consent, and recognizing that everyone has a role in creating healthy and safe campus communities. This year we are arranging this even for the faculty and staff only.


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