Psychology Research Day Award Winners

Apr 9th, 2019

Psych. Dept.

Psychology Research Day Award Winners

The following awards were presented at the 10th Annual Psychology Research Day:

1) Best Talk was presented to Jillian Cleary (Behavioural Neuroscience - Thorpe): Can Endogenous Circadian Oscillators Impair Hippocampal-Dependent Learning in an Animal Model of Social Jetlag?

2) Best Poster was presented to Liam Foley (Cognition - Fawcett/Surprenant): Auditory Working Memory: Exploring Differences Between Musicians and Non-Musicians

3) Robert Adamec Award for Best Neuroscience Poster was presented to Emma Nolan (Behavioural Neuroscience - Blundell): Preconception predator stress impairs spatial learning and memory in adult offspring following a mild stressor

4) The Winners of Best Thesis Award (endowed by Bill McKim and Science Atlantic students 2016-2017) were (in no particular order):

Jessica O’Dea (Animal Behaviour - Wilson): Does anthropogenic noise impair reproductive success in Dark-eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis)?

Sarah Torraville (Behavioural Neuroscience - Yuan/Walling): Exploring the Influence of Phasic and Tonic Patterns of Locus Coeruleus Activity on Exploratory Behaviour and Anxiety in Rats Using Optogenetics

5) Award for Outstanding Research Contribution in the Field of Psychology was presented to Anna Walsh

6) Psychology Society Award was presented to Lucas Walters

7) Rennie Gaulton Award for Excellence in Teaching was presented to Jamie Drover.