Psychology Department Colloquium - Gillian Foley

Mar 9th, 2022

Psych. Dept.

For this week's Colloquium, on March 11th, we will be joined by Gillian Foley. Please see the talk title and summary below:

Title: Correctional Officers’ Experiences with Transgender Prisoners in Canadian Federal Prisons

Summary: Since December of 2017, Canada’s federal correctional system allows prisoners to be assigned to prisons according to their gender. This presentation discusses how correctional officers’ experiences working with transgender prisoners affect their views of safety and discretion. As prison is a gender binary space, policies and procedures surrounding transgender prisoners remain difficult to navigate. Although most correctional officers appear to be supportive of transgender placement policies, the addition of new policies places further stressors on an already stressful occupation. This presentation will explore the main themes discussed during interviews with 77 correctional officers and the implications of these findings.

Reminder: Colloquium takes place at 3 pm in A1046