Christopher Quinn-Nilas

B.A. (Hons), M.A. Trent University; Ph.D. The University of Guelph

Assistant Professor


Office: SN3096
Affiliations: Social

 Research Interests

Christopher Quinn-Nilas

Do birds of a feather flock together, or do opposites attract? Although these axioms are engrained in ley vocabulary about relationships, scientific answers to questions about what qualities foster happy romantic relationships have proven to be highly illusive. My research tests such axioms and seeks answers to a wide range of age-old questions about happiness in romantic relationships.

 Romantic relationships are integral to health and well-being. However, in Canada approximately 40% of marriages end in divorce, suggesting that many couples struggle with maintaining their relationship over time. Given that divorce and marital distress are associated with poor health and well-being, it is critically important to understand factors which may nurture long-term relationships. One of the strongest predictors of long-term marital satisfaction is sexual satisfaction, thus, I am primarily study how relationships and sexuality intersect. As an interdisciplinary scholar I have eclectic research interests, but I am currently most interested in how mindfulness (i.e., nonjudgmental acceptance and awareness of the present moment’s thoughts, feelings, and sensations) and self-compassion (a kind disposition toward oneself when confronted with failings) enhance relationships and sexuality.

 I am also very invested in quantitative methodology, but specifically Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). I use SEM to examine how romantic partners reciprocally influence one another cross-sectionally and longitudinally. I am also very interested in psychometrics, specifically, I seek to lay bare and test psychometric elements (like measurement invariance) that are often assumed but rarely tested.

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