Concept Approval

Step 1. Any member of the University community who would like to suggest that an existing policy be revised, or that a new policy be created, completes the Proposal for a New or Revised Policy Template, stating the name of the policy, listing existing related policies, providing a rationale for the proposal and identifying considerations for consultation.

Step 2. That person, the proposer, obtains the approval of the Unit Head, through the usual approval route within that unit.

Step 3. Once approved, the Unit Head submits the Proposal for a New or Revised Policy, using the applicable approval route, to the appropriate Vice-President (or President), requesting their support and that the proposal be submitted to Vice-Presidents Council, for approval. 

Step 4. Vice-Presidents Council reviews the proposal and determines whether policy development will proceed. If so, it will assign a Sponsor in the case of a new policy. It may provide advice on how to proceed.