Consultation Considerations

The Policy Framework Process offers the flexibility to tailor policy consultation to the particular policy being revised or developed, based on the Scope of the policy, implications associated with the policy, etc. Consultation must be open for a minimum of four weeks and it may involve:

  1. Posting of policy documents to the consultation section of the policy progress page, with an email address provided for readers to submit feedback.

  2. Announcements on newsline of policy consultation being available.

  3. Hosting of consultation sessions/fora open to the entire University and/or to select groups.(How many sessions? To which groups? At which locations (campuses)? Who will lead?/record?)

  4. Targeted consultation to specific groups/individuals who will be impacted by or who can provide advice on the proposed policy draft. This may include:
    • Senior academic administrators group (deans and directors)
    • Appropriate management and Leadership groups
    • Students, through student unions
    • General Counsel
    • Chief Risk Officer
    • University Access and Privacy Advisor
    • Director of Faculty Relations and Associate Director of Human Resources with regards collective agreements
    • Others as may be necessary for the particular policy
    • The Senate, if applicable

Steps 1 and 2 above are normally followed for every policy consultation. Either of Steps 3 and 4 or both are used as well, depending upon the particular policy.