Previous Versions

Historical changes in policy and procedure documents are maintained within the database, dating back to at least 2007 and in some cases back much earlier. To avoid confusion between current versions and historical versions, historical versions are not viewable online. However, documents can be made available, upon request. At the end of any policy which has a previous version(s), the following (sample dates) appears:

Previous Versions:

Please contact the Policy Office to view any of the following previous policy versions:

    • 2010-03-25
    • 2007-09-06

where the date(s) listed indicate(s) the Date of Approval by the Board of Regents, for each previous versions. The date “0000-00-00” is used in cases where the version had not received Board of Regents approval.

At the end of any policy which does not have a previous version, the following appears:

Previous Versions:

No previous versions